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Gregory Chaitin asks, if the universe is information, not matter, does that help explain consciousness?

Chaitin: The normal view if you dabble in metaphysics is that the universe is made from mathematics. That’s a Pythagorean idea, that God is a mathematician. And I prefer to say God is a … a computer programmer or a programmer. Read More ›

A new piece of information in the question of why matter exists at all in the universe

Researchers: " ...the neutron has a significantly smaller EDM (electrical dipole moment) than predicted by various theories about why matter remains in the universe" The new find doesn’t answer the question but it enables theories to be winnowed. Read More ›

Eric Holloway: A philosopher explains why thinking matter is impossible

Holloway: Richard Johns's' argument is deeper version of Captain Kirk’s scheme to defeat enemy robots in I, Mudd, a 1967 episode of Star Trek. Kirk posed a paradox that led to circuit meltdown. Read More ›