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National Academy of Sciences

National Academy of Sciences attempts to grapple with “misinformation” and “disinformation”

Well, re COVID-19, a good deal of that disinformation and misinformation was purveyed by authorities, scientific and political. Books have been written about that. It’s going to take a long time to come back from this and authoritarian posturing won’t help. It would just prove the cynics right. Read More ›

Evolutionary biologist Francisco Ayala’s membership in the National Academy of Sciences may be withdrawn

At The Scientist: With the potential moves against Marcy and Ayala, “We are watching social change happening in front of our eyes,” says Nancy Hopkins, an NAS member and emeritus biologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “It has been a long time coming.” … Read More ›

Bots are to blame for science credibility issues!

At least, if you credit a National Academy of Sciences study on the subject: Iyengar and Massey (hereafter I & M) are convinced, in any event, that the revolution in media over the last three decades means that the world is sinking into abject falsehood. In the 1970s, as they relate, media were controlled by a few players: “really only a handful of newspapers, magazines, and television broadcasts.” National and international news was dominated by wire services like Associated Press (AP) and United Press International (UPI): In addition to the small number of sources, broadcast news was regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which required broadcasters to reserve a small share of airtime to cover matters of public interest; Read More ›