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Study: Psychiatric diagnoses are “scientifically meaningless”

People can certainly derive help from their relationship with a psychiatrist but that is an entirely different matter from saying that the science is sound. As science buckles under the strain of trying to be a secular religion, it pays to get things like this straight. Read More ›

Different psychiatric disorders linked to the same genes?

From Mark Fischetti at Scientific American: Bipolar disorder, for example, was more similar to schizophrenia than to major depression even though clinicians may link bipolar disorder and depression, based on their symptoms. These insights could possibly reveal new treatments, says neurogeneticist Daniel Geschwind of the University of California, Los Angeles, one of the investigators. More. It’s becoming increasingly evident (see the stories below) that a great deal of what we need to know about a person (or any life form) is not in their genes. See also: At PLOS: “Genes – way weirder than you thought” Bale monkeys more closely related to sister species than same species in different locationsThe “biological species concept” is yet another textbook dead zone. Girl Read More ›