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What will the long-term effect be of science journals playing useful idiots around COVID-19?

Some of us have been reflecting on the effect of the COVID-19 panic on the public estimation of science. Here’s an article on the "useful idiot" problem among science journals. Read More ›

Evidence of loss of faith in science due to political partisanship

Time will tell but the effect may prove cumulative. People lose trust for different reasons and the numbers add up, not down … When the next “Trust the Science!” panic sweeps the internet, a third group will join them, asking, “So what’s in this latest crazy for the Voice of Science?” Read More ›

At The Scientist: “… who will believe us again?”

One gets the feeling that many science boffins don't "get" what is happening. It won't be easy to make "Trust the science" mean what it used to. On the ground, it now means something between "Sign on to this superstition rather than that one." and "Do what you're told or else!" Read More ›