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Trust the science (mantra)

Apparently, scientists are the only ones exempt from the fact that we evolved to have biases…

When science becomes a substitute for religion or philosophy, it must bear the weight of being a certain kind of truth. The trouble is, science isn’t that kind of truth. Read More ›

What will the long-term effect be of science journals playing useful idiots around COVID-19?

Some of us have been reflecting on the effect of the COVID-19 panic on the public estimation of science. Here’s an article on the "useful idiot" problem among science journals. Read More ›

Philosopher Mary Midgeley (1919–2018) on scientism

At RealClearScience: Science is a method and discipline, but Scientism is something more – it establishes a set of beliefs by which to view things. It sees science as “realistic” or “just the facts”, like some objective totem. What’s more, Midgley argued that Scientism is invariably aligned with some kind of excessive reductionism, where everything is reduced to neurons or evolutionary psychology, for instance. Read More ›