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quantum physics

FYI: In quantum mechanics, time may flow differently

At Eurekalert: As pointed out by Giulia Rubino, lead-author of the publication, “although time is often treated as a continuously increasing parameter, our study shows that the laws governing its flow in quantum mechanical contexts are much more complex. This may suggest that we need to rethink the way we represent this quantity in all those contexts where quantum laws play a crucial role.” Read More ›

At Mind Matters News: Can quantum physics, neuroscience merge as quantum consciousness?

The problem is, if we assume that “the mind is nothing more than the brain,” there may be nothing we can discover about how it works. Gleiser wishes we could prove that that’s wrong but he can’t. Read More ›

Can only math solve the mystery at the heart of the universe?

Hartnett, quoting: "“This is [a] very embarrassing thing that we don’t have a single quantum field theory we can describe in four dimensions, nonperturbatively,” said Rejzner. “It’s a hard problem, and apparently it needs more than one or two generations of mathematicians and physicists to solve it.”" Read More ›

Physicist and philosopher Bruce Gordon asks, IS the moon there if no one looks?

Gordon on one experiment: What did the experiment do? Well, it sent the position of neutrons along one path and their spins along a separate path. Read More ›

Bruce Gordon: In quantum physics, “reality” really IS what we choose to observe

Gordon: The very fact that we can make a causally disconnected choice of whether wave or particle phenomena are manifested in a quantum system essentially shows that there is no measurement-independent and causally connected, substantial material reality at the micro physical level. It is created by the measurement itself. Read More ›

Sabine Hossenfelder asks, Do complex numbers exist?

The people who don’t think complex numbers really exist would probably not be happy with quantum mechanics being even more non-local without them. But of course, if complex numbers really do exist, then immaterial things really exist. Not a good time to be a hard core materialist. Read More ›