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Marcelo Gleiser

At Big Think: The weirdness of quantum mechanics forces scientists to confront philosophy

Marcelo Gleiser: Due to space, I will only mention one more epistemic interpretation, Quantum Bayesianism, or as it is now called, QBism. As the original name implies, QBism takes the role of an agent as central. It assumes that probabilities in quantum mechanics reflect the current state of the agent’s knowledge or beliefs about the world, as he or she makes bets about what will happen in the future. Read More ›

At Big Think: Why the Multiverse is a “God-of-the-gaps” theory

Marcelo Gleiser writes: "The Multiverse has been proposed as an answer to the question, “Why does our Universe exist?”  Its proponents believe the Multiverse can explain our origins without having to reference God. But the Multiverse is in no way falsifiable, and the arguments in its support are nearly identical to the arguments for God." Read More ›

At Mind Matters News: Dartmouth physicist slams the Matrix idea that life is an aliens’ sim

Marcelo Gleiser dismisses the notion for physics reasons but he also objects to the way it casts doubt on free will, which we need to tackle our problems. Read More ›

At Big Think: How the Multiverse could break the scientific method

Theoretical physicist Marcelo Gleiser raises the issue that the multiverse hypothesis suffers from the unscientific property of non-falsifiability. Embedded in his article is a solid acknowledgement of the fine-tuning of physical parameters for life to exist in our universe. Read More ›

At Mind Matters News: A physicist defends imperfection in our universe: It’s essential

Great physicist Paul Dirac discovered antimatter by assuming symmetry (a quality of perfection). But in the details, the wheels came off. Read More ›

Mixing science with politics is like mixing mustard and ice cream

So far so good, Marcelo Gleiser, until we got to the part about “often giving equal weight to the opinion of the vast majority of scientists and to the opinion of a small contrarian group,” … There’s actually nothing unusual about the “small contrarian group” being right. Read More ›

At Mind Matters News: Can quantum physics, neuroscience merge as quantum consciousness?

The problem is, if we assume that “the mind is nothing more than the brain,” there may be nothing we can discover about how it works. Gleiser wishes we could prove that that’s wrong but he can’t. Read More ›