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Simon Conway Morris on his new book on Evolution, Convergence, and Theism

Sean Carroll: Simon Conway Morris is a paleontologist and evolutionary biologist who’s new book is From Extraterrestrials to Animal Minds: Six Myths of Evolution. He is known as a defender of evolutionary convergence and adaptationism — even when there is a mass extinction, he argues, the resulting shake-up simply accelerates the developments evolution would have made anyway.

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What? Cosmologist Sean Carroll doesn’t freak out when Darwin is doubted?

Interesting podcast in which astrophysicist Bartlett is permitted to question dogmas. The dogma about the One Single Common Ancestor that kicked off Darwinian evolution is the product of a prior belief in life’s sheer Flukiness. If you do not believe that life is a fluke, whatever else you believe, you can discard that One Single Cell doctrine as nonessential and problematic.

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Hugh Ross’s five best arguments from nature for the existence of God

And some objections. Via Mark Tapscott at HillFaith, from Hugh Ross at Reason to Believe: 1. origin of space, time, matter, and energy 2. origin of life 3. human exceptionalism 4. fine-tuning of the universe, Earth, and Earth’s life to make possible the existence and redemption of billions of humans 5. Genesis 1’s predictive power Read More…