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Response to Redwave: Can Mental Reality Theory Reduce Human Suffering?

Redwave posted a question in another thread about whether or not MRT would or could cause less suffering than ERT models, most significantly materialist philosophy. To respond, let’s first identify what exactly we’re talking about recognizes the distinction between MRT actually being true, and those who believe it to be true. Obviously, if MRT is actually true, one can still believe in External Reality Theory (ERT) and materialism. There may be ERTs that cause less or more suffering, depending on their specific qualities, so the specific question is: would belief in the specific MRT I am making the case for likely generate less suffering than a belief in materialism? We must also define “suffering” for this conversation. There are many Read More ›

Michael Egnor: If you care about suffering, you implicitly acknowledge God’s existence

Egnor: Heck, if I were a mere vehicle for selfish genes evolved wholly by natural selection, I would love mass death, as long as my own genes weren’t deleted. Coronavirus is efficient — natural selection on an industrial scale. Those of us who are alive are the winners. Read More ›