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Gerald Joyce no longer uses the NASA “must show Darwinian evolution” definition of life

Though he helped develop it. Recently, a problem has arisen round efforts to create a synthetic cell.  Gerald Joyce, now of the Salk Institute, helped NASA come up with a very widely used definition of life, “Life is a self-sustained chemical system capable of undergoing Darwinian evolution.” But, as medicl historian Rebecca Wilbanks explains at Aeon, In 2009, […]

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“1st International Symposium on Building a Synthetic Cell,” Netherlands, August 28–29

The world-class symposium features several controversies long the lines of 1) Should we build a synthetic cell and 2) Aren’t we really doing that under another name anyway? Suzan Mazur reports at her blog, Oscillations: The late Carl Woese, who was awarded the Leeuwenhoek Medal by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (1992), […]