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UD Live event part 3, US Election moves to resolution . . . [?]

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As the Election progresses into its third month, this week we expect a runoff election in Georgia State and the Congress is to sit to resolve the Electoral College result on the 6th.

We continue to track from here and here.

As developments unfold we will add further updates. END

U/D1, Jan 6: Photograph demonstrating even more brazen scrutineer frustration in GA than at Nov 3+, 2020:

I note, extra, by way of the earlier capture from the surveillance video on the night of 3/4 November:

U/D2, Jan 7: Tucker Carlson’s warning on where undermining election integrity leads:

U/D4, a reminder on McFaul Colour-Culture revolution and the SOCOM insurgency escalator:

. . . also, on 4th gen war:

I add, Jan 8th,as a reminder on the Geostrategic picture . . . note, Iran has started 20% U-enrichment.

U/D5, Jan 7: Mr Gaetz gives the epitaph on the 2020 election: