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ID book banning

A colleague of mine added Of Pandas and People to the Wikipedia’s list of Banned Books at It clearly qualifies under the American Library Association’s definition of a successfully challenged book: A challenge is an attempt to remove or restrict materials, based upon the objections of a person or group. A banning is the Read More…

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Unusual for Canada?: Not just the usual “God and science” snore

Here’s a first in Canada, maybe: A conference at the University of Toronto (September 29-20, 2006) on intelligent design and the universe/life that is not just the usual “God and science” snore – at least the organizers will do everything in their power to keep it from being the usual theistic evolution cop-out snooze. Here’s Read More…

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Question: Is the key problem that new species are seldom or never observed?

A key problem with the argument over Darwinian evolution (evolution by natural selection acting on random mutations) is that so few actual examples of speciation (new species forming) have ever been observed that we really have no way of knowing for sure whether Darwin had the right idea. I suspect that explains precisely why acceptance Read More…

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Book review: Andrew Brown on Dawkins’ “The God Delusion”

No friend to religion, Andrew Brown nonetheless says that Richard Dawkins’s “incurious and rambling” diatribe against religion “doesn’t come close to explaining how faith has survived the assault of Darwinism, opening with It has been obvious for years that Richard Dawkins had a fat book on religion in him, but who would have thought him capable Read More…

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Another reason why longstanding ideas should not be above question

I first got interested in alligators when I discovered, from zoologist Norbert Smith, that the “reptilian brain” theory – according to which alligators cannot show emotion because the mammalian brain (which they don’t have) must evolve first – can’t be true. Alligators are quite capable of showing emotion or curiosity about anything that they are Read More…

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Paul Nelson in Oslo, Norway — the latest

Paul Nelson spent yesterday morning in the editorial offices of Dagbladet, the main daily newspaper in Oslo, and fielded reader’s questions via the Internet. Approximately 1,000 emails came in. Here is the exchange: Note that the title of the Dagbladet piece, “Hadde Darwin Rett?” means “Was Darwin Right?”

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The hopeless quest of a hopeless theory

There’s a big “evolution of religion” conference coming up in Hawaii: Daniel Dennett is among the featured speakers. Here’s a brief description of another featured speaker: On Sunday evening the Rev. Michael Dowd, who has been called “North America’s evolutionary evangelist,” will share his experience of teaching and preaching a sacred, meaningful view of Read More…

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Finally the truth about ID! — And now in paperback

I’m informed that simple blockquotes are dangerous when trying to stay in Google’s good graces. I’m also informed that providing a comment in front of a blockquote, which thus constitutes new material, is a way of keeping Google happy. Hence this comment. The blockquote below is self-explanatory. Not in Our Classrooms: Why Intelligent Design Is Read More…