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The ID debate in the Muslim world: Turkish journalist vs. National Center for Science Education spokesperson

Islam Online recently organized an online debate, “Evolution vs. Intelligent Design”, between Turkish journalist Mustafa Akyol and National Center for Science Education spokesman Nicholas Matzke. Akyol tells me that he countered Matzke’s effort to portray ID as “Christian fundamentalism” to Muslims, thus urging them not to “buy” it. That’s amusing. Genuine Christian fundamentalists don’t see […]

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NDE Explains Everything!

In a comment to Denyse’s article that touched on altruism a commenter said that evolution predicted altruism.  I then explained that Neo-Darwinian Evolution would also predict no altruism if no altruism is found.  That’s because random mutation plus natural selection explains everything (thus it explains nothing). Like a wish come true, one of the more […]

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Pseudo Scientific Dogma

The following is taken from  The Marxist account of history too, Popper held, is not scientific, although it differs in certain crucial respects from psychoanalysis. For Marxism, Popper believed, had been initially scientific, in that Marx had postulated a theory which was genuinely predictive. However, when these predictions were not in fact borne out, the […]

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Peer Review and PT*

Stu Harris is my once long-lost first cousin. He ferreted me out after I posted some ID-apologetic comments at ARN — Gilbert Dodgen is obviously a fairly rare name. Apparently there are some nefarious Dodgen-ID-gene-memes that have been lurking in the background of our evolutionary history, waiting to rear their ugly heads, since we are […]

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Causation, Primary and Secondary: A Response to Edward Oakes

Denyse’s post below (What did Hitler believe about evolution?) quoted Edward Oakes, a writer of great erudition for whom I have a tremendous amount of respect.  Although Oakes frequently sends me scrambling for my dictionary, I look forward to reading his articles and book reviews in First Things and his posts on First Things’ blog.  […]

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Clearly it’s Time to Revisit ID’s ‘Explanatory Filter’, even if Barbara Forrest Doesn’t Think So …

Casey Luskin has posted an interesting response (part II) to Barbara Forrest’s Kitzmiller Account, Here he addresses Dr. Forrest’s usage of quotations from ID proponents: As is typical in the Evo camp, Dr. Forrest attempts to make the usual conflation of ID and religion by quoting Phillip Johnson and William Dembski. Many cite Johnson […]

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What did Hitler believe about evolution?: Lines from a faroff Comments box

I’m not sure how many people read the Comments to the Post-Darwinist, but some are quite interesting, so I want to draw your attention to a pair of them: In response to the post on the Coral Ridge TV special on social Darwinism, blogger Steven Carr commented that Hitler was a creationist: Hitler, of course, believed that […]