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Junk DNA

Commenter DK asks: What is the official ID position on junk DNA? Has anyone proposed that it might be a mechanism to cause wholesale change in other parts of the DNA? I thought this subject might be good for its own discusson thread so here it is. I don’t believe ID has any more “official” […]

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Rising biology enrollments parallel the rise of ID, Alters is dead wrong

It is my personal opinion that rising biology enrollments parallel ID’s popularity. I personally believe interest in ID encourages study of biology and conversely developments in biology have continued to fuel interest in ID. However, it would be pre-mature at this time to assert this as a quantitative argument. I can only offer it as […]

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Infected with postmodern drivel or instead tired of Darwinian drivel?

This story has been of ongoing interest. Here is the latest. SSHRC doubts the science of evolution In rejecting a proposed study, the eminent science council shows it has become infected with postmodern drivel By Dan Adleman In the summer issue of Humanist Perspectives, Gary Bauslaugh reports that the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council […]

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News from Finland

I just learned the following from a colleague in Finland: 1. The first Finnish edition of your book [i.e., Intelligent Design] has been sold out (1500 copies) 2. 30% of Finns do not believe in Evolution — which shocked our educators Both statistics are surprising. Finland is a country of only about 3,000,000, so proportionately […]

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Sketches from the Toronto ID conference – okay, a bit of context – 2

A commenter, from my first post-conference sketch, asks, Denyse: thanks for your first anecdotal response. I have read elsewhere (on this blog?) that the current generation may simply have to die off, given the faith system/creation myth of naturalism/darwinism. A key issue then is what the young people think, both graduate and undergraduate students. What […]