ID on South Park?

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone–two guys who are not exactly known for refraining from pushing buttons–have made an episode of the show which addresses the topic of opposition to evolution in public schools. It airs tomorrow night at 10:00 EST (9:00 PST) on Comedy Central. Go here for a synopsis and a […]

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P. Z. Myers — does he have a clue how bad this looks?

It’s hard to find a Darwinist more extreme than P. Z. Myers (though they do exist). Darwinian extremists like Myers are the reason these people are so hard to parody (see, The Brites, which has temporarily closed its doors). Have a look at Myers’s most recent escapades: I want to encourage discussion not […]

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William Dembski and 3 IDers cited in a significant OOL peer-reviewed article by Trevors and Abel

Accepted July 2006 Physics of Life Reviews [Update: thanks to Todd for a link to the full paper:] Self-organization vs. self-ordering events in life-origin models [Update: IDers Charles Thaxton, Walter Bradley, and R.L. Olsen were cited as well!! They wrote the book in 1984 which is considered the beginning of the modern ID movement. Also, […]

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Harvard’s origin of life project: Taking intelligent design seriously – sure, but what follows?

Gareth Cook’s article on the new Harvard origin of life project in the Boston Globe, reads like a press release (except for the very end where he actually quotes Michael Behe). Bill  blogged on it, wondering how seriously they would take any evidence of intelligent design. Starting with $1 million a year, we are told, […]

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Harvard’s “Origin of Life in the Universe Initiative”

How much play do you think ID is going to get in Harvard’s new origin of life initiative: President Bush recently said intelligent design should be discussed in schools, along with evolution. Like intelligent design, the Harvard project begins with awe at the nature of life, and with an admission that, almost 150 years after […]

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Intelligent design requires evidence: Ah, but what can be considered evidence?

Recently, an ID-friendly scientist assured me that intelligent design would easily be accepted if only the ID guys would come up with evidence. To my mind, that shows the difficulty people have in understanding what is at stake: the very question of what may count as evidence. Here is how I replied:    Bench science, like […]


[Request:] Need to quote-mine Gould

I seem to recall that Stephen Jay Gould, when pressed about his views on evolution before his death, remarked that he was a “Darwinian” or “Darwinist.” Can someone provide me with the exact quote as well as with the exact reference? (The context: I’m writing about punctuated equilibrium being at best a slight variant of […]

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In evolutionary terms, is religion so bad?

The Dawkins rampage against religion raises the question why religion in the first place? On strict evolutionary grounds, isn’t religion an adaptation that offers humans survival and reproductive advantages? It’s is not at all clear that atheism offers similar benefits (how many Dawkins-style village atheists were there among our hunter-gatherer ancestors?). Consider, for instance, the […]

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The Root of All Evil?

I am Richard Dawkins’ worst nightmare — a former militant atheist and Darwinist, who finally realized that everything he believed about everything that mattered was wrong. My conversion came from many sources, too numerous to outline in a brief post, but one of them was reason and examination of the evidence. Since my conversion I […]

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Dawkins’ “God Delusion” considers ID science – false science, Dawkins also pronounces on free will and child sex abuse

At Vere loqui, Martin Cothran notes that Richard Dawkins’The God Delusion, provides ammunition to ID advocates. ID theorists are familiar with the accusation that ID is both unfalsifiable and anyway, already falsified. (The fact that the two claims can be maintained comfortably at once illustrates the extent to which materialism and Darwinism function as ideologies. […]

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[anecdote 2004] Nobel Laureate given standing ovation after slamming Darwinism during a graduation ceremony

In preparing a letter to the editor of UVa magazine, I was researching the case of 1996 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Richard Smalley. I was astonished to discover that he delivered an anti-Darwinian speech during a graduation ceremony and apparently received a standing ovation. I also thought it an appropriate time to remember this extraordinary […]