Intelligent Design

What’s Wrong With Gap Arguments, Anyway?

ID proponents are often accused of using “God-of-the-gaps” arguments. Of course, there are positive arguments for inferences to design in the natural world, but Del Ratzsch makes an interesting point about gap arguments in this interview. He comments: …the SETI program is a gap-searching project — trying to find signals which nature alone couldn’t or Read More…

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The British Centre for Science Education unmasked

Blogger David Anderson, who has a first-class degree in Mathematics from Oxford University, is putting a bit of pressure on the British Centre for Science Education, quite successfully, it seems. He has uncovered good evidence that they have been less than forthright in the course of some recent parliamentary lobbying:

Intelligent Design

Someone finally said it: “Dawkins’s hysterical scientism”

Marilynne Robinson, author of Gilead, which won both the 2004 Pulitzer Prize for fiction and 2005 National Book Critics Circle award, says what needs to be said, and no more, about Oxford Professor of the Public Understanding of Science Richard Dawkins’ inane crusade against religion And she says it brilliantly in “Hysterical scientism: The ecstasy Read More…

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Putting the Cart Before the Horse

When it comes to discussing open systems aren’t we getting a little ahead of ourselves here? There are still some very basic problems to solve before getting into hand-waving over the evolution of computers and human minds. Solutions with as little as 1% enantiomeric excess (ee) of D- or L-phenylalanine are amplified to 90% Read More…

Intelligent Design

Can ANYTHING Happen in an Open System?

In a previous UD post I commented on an article by mathematician Granville Sewell, “A Mathematician’s View of Evolution.” Since then Granville and I have corresponded and he forwarded a follow-up piece entitled, “Can Anything Happen in an Open System?” The essence of the thesis is as follows: If an increase in order is extremely Read More…

Intelligent Design

Francis Collins: “I greatly respect William Dembski…best wishes to Salvador Cordova and the IDEA club”

I mentioned earlier my delight that the GMU Provost was willing to put his good name behind Francis Collins book tour: GMU Provost hosts The Language of God. Well, the talk happened and it was amazing! Francis Collins gave his Christian testimony tonight pretty much along the lines of his book. He recounted his conversion Read More…

Biology Comp. Sci. / Eng. Darwinism Evolution Science Self-Org. Theory

The Definition of Life The opening discussion: To decide whether life has a common chemical plan, we must decide what life is. A panel assembled by NASA in 1994 was one of many groups to ponder this question. The panel defined life as a ‘chemical system capable of Darwinian evolution’ [16]. This definition, which follows an earlier definition Read More…