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Evolution and the NFL theorems

Ronald Meester    CLICK HERE FOR THE PAPER  Department of Mathematics, VU-University Amsterdam, “William Dembski (2002) claimed that the NoFreeLunch-theorems from op- timization theory render Darwinian biological evolution impossible. I argue that the NFL-theorems should be interpreted not in the sense that the models can be used to draw any conclusion about the real biological evolution (and certainly Read More…

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“Making Space for Time” – Is cosmic order evidence for ID?

Making Space for Time – Physicists meet to puzzle out why time flows one way. Scott Dodd. Scientific American, January 2008 p 26,27,28.   This article cites physicists invoking multiverses to explain high order in the early cosmos – and that less order would have prevented universes from surviving or evolving to support intelligent life. Read More…

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The Reluctant Mr. Darwin?

Another Darwin Biography Ecclesiastes tells us, “Of making books there is no end,” and nowhere is that a greater truism than in the ever growing corpus of Darwiniana.  At present writing OCLC (Online Computer Library Center), the world’s largest bibliographic database, lists 14,129 books and articles with occurrences of Darwin, Darwinism, or Darwinian in the Read More…

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Today at Design of Life: Channel your inner fish?

Tiktaalik, an early fossil fish with sturdy forefins, helps illustrate the difference between the approach of scientists who are convinced Darwinists and that of scientists who view the problems of evolution primarily in terms of information theory (intelligent design). The Darwinist says, There! – we have found a missing link, so now we KNOW! what happened Read More…

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Guillermo Gonzalez: Is Earth an accident or a staging platform for exploration of the universe?

You’d think astronomers would be happy to sponsor the latter idea but then you must have been out of town when Guillermo Gonzalez’s story broke. Read Denyse O’Leary’s interview with Gonzalez here. Also, Gonzalez on intelligent design – both non-falsifiable and already falsified? Howzzat? Also: Defeat organized stupidity. Buy and read The Design of Life!

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Excerpts from the Dennis Prager show: The central dogma in neuroscience? And at least one reason why it isn’t true.

Bill Dembski asked me to post some excerpts from this interview that Montreal neuroscientist Mario Beauregard and I did with American radio host Dennis Prager, on the difference between the mind and the brain (as set out in our book The Spiritual Brain, Harper One, 2007). I finally got a chance to transcribe a bit Read More…

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Darwinist Negative-Review Spam Campaign Backfires at Amazon

Last week, The Design of Life: Discovering Signs of Intelligence In Biological Systems was in the 17,000-20,000 range at Since the Darwinist-sponsored negative-review spam campaign (with “reviews” written mostly by people who obviously had not read the book), and as of this writing, the book is sitting at about 3,000, and is: #1 in Read More…