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Reproductive system shows design — Guliuzza

Dr. Guliuzza gives key arguments of detecting design in sexual reproduction, in contrast to evolution and order caused by natural law. ———————— Creationist speaker makes case for intelligent design Dan Boyer, Michigan Tech Lode 03/25/2009 Dr. Randy Guliuzza . . .asserted that he was not making an argument about design based on the absence of […]

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Confusion About Dualism Abated

There is a lot of confusion about dualism.  Few people today hold to Cartesian substance dualism, but that is often the straw man that materialist opponents to dualism attack.  Over at O’Leary’s Phineas Gage post Dr. Vincent Torley asks:  “Why are we wasting our time debating a completely discredited theory (Cartesian dualism) which most Christians […]

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The Simulation Wars

I’m currently writing an essay on computational vs. biological evolution. The applicability of computational evolution to biological evolution tends to be suspect because one can cook the simulations to obtain any desired result. Still, some of these evolutionary simulations seem more faithful to biological reality than others. Christoph Adami’s AVIDA, Tom Schneider’s ev, and Tom […]

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Metaphors, Design Recognition, and the Design Matrix

Here are excerpts from The Design Matrix by Mike Gene: Metaphors such as “fear”, “cost”, “abhor” and “angry”, commonly share the projection of consciousness onto the world. Metaphors such as these represent the human tendency to view the world through anthropomorphic glasses. However, the metaphors employed by molecular biologists are not of this type. …. […]

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Intelligent Design and GM Crops

I posted this news item about GM crops on the Science and Values blog and would be interested in starting a discussion about how intelligent design proponents view genetically modified crops. If design in nature is ‘optimal’ then can that be improved through human intervention? What does ID predict, perhaps that GM crops will always […]

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Origin of life: Researchers claim life could have existed 4.4 billion years ago, before Earth cooled.

So why are these University of Colorado at Boulder people – and New Scientist – determined to prove that God must have created life? Look, I don’t care, but consider this: Just when claims for Akilia, as evidence of life at 3.82 billion years ago have not held up, some researchers are even more ambitious […]

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“The Pontifical Academy of Evolutionists”

Here’s a quote from THE CHRISTIAN ORDER going back more than a decade: The Pontifical Academy of Evolutionists Despite being widely accepted even at the highest level in the Church, there has never been any authoritative teaching approving of evolution. Hence the reaction of the worldwide media to the Pope’s message to the Pontifical Academy […]