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Discovery Commissions Zogby Poll — Design Trumps Darwin

[[Discovery Press Release:]] In Darwin Anniversary Year, New Zogby Poll Reveals Majority Support for Intelligent Design — Doubts about Darwin Continue to Mount Seattle – Just a few months before the 150th anniversary of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, a newly released Zogby poll shows that the American public overwhelmingly rejects Darwinian theory in […]


“Violations of EPA’s Commitment to Transparency and Scientific Honesty”

The suppression of Alan Carlin’s report arguing against anthropogenic global warming serves as a warning to anyone who would facilely contend that science is self-correcting. Science by itself is not self-correcting. It only becomes self-correcting when scientists and outsiders refuse to let dogmatists who pretend to scientific objectivity monopolize the discussion. Science is not about […]

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We Can Now Obtain Erroneous Results Faster

A new method for computing evolutionary trees may revolutionize evolutionary biology. That’s good because evolutionary biology needs some revolutionizing. So far its fundamental predictions have consistently turned out to be false. Indeed, at evolutionary biology’s very core, the idea of an evolutionary tree is problematic given the data, and even some evolutionists are suggesting the […]

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Uncommon Descent Contest winner 5: Why middle-aged men have shiny scalps

 Before I announce the winner, I should note that Harper One San Francisco has announced that 5 hardback copies of both Steve Meyer’s Signature of the Cell, ( 2009) and Beauregard and O’Leary’s The Spiritual Brain (2007 ) are available free to contest winners. Like, win and add them to your library for free. Okay, now to […]

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God and Science Redux: Lawrence Krauss

A friend alerted me to this piece by Lawrence Krauss from the Wall Street Journal. Krauss writes: “J.B.S. Haldane, an evolutionary biologist and a founder of population genetics, understood that science is by necessity an atheistic discipline. As Haldane so aptly described it, one cannot proceed with the process of scientific discovery if one assumes […]

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The man who knows everything: My MercatorNet column

At the Canadian Science Writers’ Association convention in Sudbury, Ontario, our Sunday dinner speaker was American theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss of Arizona State University, who presented sample clips from famous sci-fi films. And a whole lot more. Would you be astonished to learn that the films portray implausible or impossible physics? No? Filmmakers value audience […]

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American Scientific Affiliation Annual Meeting at Baylor This Summer

This just in from Walter Bradley, President of the ASA: Dear Friends, I wanted to bring to your attention a unique opportunity this summer. The annual meeting of the American Scientific Affiliation will be held at Baylor University July 31-August 3. The ASA is the world’s largest organization of evangelical Christians who work in science […]

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B.A.R.B: Birds Are Really…..Birds!

The summer of 2000 promised to be very exciting for ornithologists and paleontologists alike as they flew into Beijing for the fifth quadrennial meeting of the Society of Avian Paleontology and Evolution (Ref 1). The setting was most appropriate given the richness of fossils that have been unearthed in Chinese soil. The central theme of […]

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Response to search engine query: What is the Colliding Universes blog about?

I was asked to define my littlest blog for a “deep” search engine group, Feedmil, and replied as follows: Colliding Universes takes a critical look at cosmology, especially its many unexplained assumptions. Here’s one: Earth is not special. There must be many planets that host life forms. Now, what if we find 3000 exoplanets and none host […]