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Uncommon Descent Contest 4: Can we save physics by dumping the Copernican principle? – Winner announced

The question is here. It looks at “Does Dark Energy Really Exist? Or does Earth occupy a very unusual place in the universe?” by physicist Timothy Clifton and astrophysicist Pedro G. Ferreira, who argue just that: If we give up the Copernican principle, we do not need dark energy to explain the composition of the Read More…

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Boo-Hoo: Documentary Makers Didn’t Tell Us They Think Darwinism Is a Crock

John Lynch whines that “noted historians”* weren’t properly informed that a documentary for which they were interviewed (The Voyage That Shook the World) would take an anti-Darwinist line. Lynch is outraged: the documentary makers are guilty of “lies” and “deception.” Would a charge of fraud hold up in court? I suspect the documentary makers simply Read More…

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Tales from the kingdom of smug: ID linked to government financial regulation

Commentator Tony Blankley attempts to link financial regulation with intelligent design (bad) and non-regulation with “an evolutionary process” (good). The whole tangled metaphor reads like the guy doesn’t get it. Whether one regulates or doesn’t regulate is intelligent design – because intelligent agents make the choice either way. And regulation has its own evolutionary process Read More…

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Natural vs. unnatural selection: Consider the ceaseless yap of the lap dog and be warned

In “Actually, the goal posts were just pulled up. Too much trouble to move…”, I linked to Jonathan Well’s comment on subtle attempts to change just what Darwinian evolution means, to avoid disconfirmation of any particular model. You know, first it’s natural selection only, then, lo and behold, group selection is allowed, then Lamarckism (inheritance Read More…

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Off Topic: Five Critical Things You Must Do with New Media

Again, I don’t think that low quality programming is what’s driving the decline, but rather the reverse. TV became increasingly gross and trivial as it became a less important source of news and entertainment. What’s driving the decline is simply the fact that people can watch whatever they want any time of day anywhere they want. Those of us old enough to remember prime time TV will understand the significance of this: TV producers voluntarily accepted prime time standards because everyone was watching TV. And again, a key question is economic: Whither ad revenues?

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A Question for Barbara Forrest

In her recent paper, The Non-epistemology of Intelligent Design: Its Implications for Public Policy, evolutionary philosopher Barbara Forrest states that science must be restricted to natural phenomena. In its investigations, science must restrict itself to a naturalistic methodology, where explanations must be strictly naturalistic, dealing with phenomena that are strictly natural. Aside from rare exceptions Read More…