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Ed Begley Jr. Interviewed By Stuart Varney on Fox News

Here is actor Ed Begley Jr. being interviewed by Stuart Varney on Fox News: Ed Begley Jr. remarks “I don’t think geologists should write papers about being an actor or newscaster…nor should uh…Don’t get your information from me folks or any newscaster, get it from people with PhD after their name.” So, if geologists cannot […]

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William Dembski’s Interview on New Book “The End of Christianity: Finding a Good God in an Evil World”

William Dembski was interviewed recently by the Evangelical Philosophical Society, which can be read at their blog, about his new book The End of Christianity, Finding a Good God in an Evil World. This book is the long anticipated refutation of the “new atheists” position, such as that of the Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens […]

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The Climate Audit Paradigm

One of the interesting aspects of Climategate is that the website Climate Audit ( has become a lot more prominent. For instance, here is a excerpt from an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal. “This September, Mr. Mann told a New York Times reporter in one of the leaked emails that: “Those such as […]

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Reflections on the Manhattan Declaration and intelligent design

Recently, Bill Dembski noted the Manhattan Declaration: A Call of Christian Conscience, aimed at Christians who take their faith seriously. It points out that the direction of public policy (= what Top People want) in the United States is in stark contrast to the beliefs of most of the people. It has been signed by many key leaders. […]

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A Non Genetic Protein Translation Mechanism Adds More Complexity to Cellular Adaptation

Biology’s sophisticated adaptation machine has now been discovered to be even more sophisticated. In recent years the types of adaptation often claimed to be examples of evolution in action have been found to be driven by complex mechanisms that respond to environmental pressures. It was yet another falsification of evolutionary expectations. Organisms responded far more […]


Speciation: Or maybe not?

At Wired Science, we are informed “Birth of New Species Witnessed by Scientists” (November 16, 2009): On one of the Galapagos islands whose finches shaped the theories of a young Charles Darwin, biologists have witnessed that elusive moment when a single species splits in two. In many ways, the split followed predictable patterns, requiring a […]

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Coffee! The “climategate” reporters only picked out the most damning e-mails? How unethical of them!

Googling “climategate + Dembski” (as a simple way to retrieve a file from our site that I wanted to link to), I came across this” comment at Open Parachute, which makes excuses for the ‘gates: Predictably only the most apparently damning emails have been quoted in the media. Sure, it is pretty predictable that the […]


Interview: Mathematician David Berlinski explains why famous mathematicians have doubted Darwin

Darwin and the Mathematicians”, here, is David Berlinsk’s final interview with Evolution News and Views. Berlinski, a Darwin skeptic of long standing, discusses the reasons famous mathematicians have doubted Darwin, along with entertaining anecdotes. In the first part of the 20th century, Darwin v. Dissent had not yet acquired its riveting incarnation as a melodrama […]

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IC All The Way Down, The Grand Human Evolutionary Discontinuity, And Probabilistic Resources

The more we learn the more it appears that almost everything of any significance in living systems is irreducibly complex. Multiple systems must almost always be simultaneously modified to proceed to the next island of function. Every software engineer knows this, and living things are fundamentally based on software. Evolution in the fossil record is […]