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He said it: Jonah Goldberg on why media promote failed experts

Oft said before but bears repeating: Jonah Goldberg on the media role in the bunkum cult of the expert: There are no more devout members of the cult of expertise than mainstream journalists. They rely on experts for guidance about what is “mainstream” and accurate and what is not. Sometimes that’s fine. Surgeons are extremely Read More…

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“The universe is too big, too old and too cruel”: three silly objections to cosmological fine-tuning (Part Two)

In my previous post, I highlighted three common atheistic objections to to the cosmological fine-tuning argument. In that post, I made no attempt to answer these objections. My aim was simply to show that the objections were weak and inconclusive. Let’s go back to the original three objections: 1. If the universe was designed to Read More…

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Meyer and Nelson on a Failed Explanation for the Origin of the Genetic Code

Ann Gauger has already drawn our attention to the new paper, published just last week, in the journal BIO-Complexity. Authored by Discovery Institute’s Stephen Meyer and Paul Nelson, the paper is concerned with the question of the origin of the genetic code, and seeks to evaluate the efficacy of the so-called Direct RNA Templating (DRT) Read More…

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Losing no time staking his share of the Darwin-doubting vote, Ron Paul says, I don’t accept the theory of evolution

Conceivably, he doesn’t realize it but the bar right now is not set at what the candidate believes, but at whether he is willing to stand up to the Darwin lobby’s claim of exclusive rights to public goods and services, and compulsory access to students in school, and none others allowed.