ID Foundations

ID Foundations, 12: “Additionality,” Paley’s self-replicating watch, the von Neumann Self-Replicator [vNSR] and the inference to design

The Wikipedia hit-piece on Intelligent Design (NWE’s introductory article is much fairer and better informed) leads with an illustration of a watch; an invidious allusion to William Paley’s famous parable of stumbling over a stone in a field vs. finding a watch in the same field, that appears in Ch I of his 1802 [- […]

Intelligent Design

From the Darwinist Blogosphere, Stephen Meyer’s Trip to London Elicits a Typical Reaction

As we have already reported, Discovery Institute’s Stephen Meyer recently paid a visit to London to present and defend the thesis of Signature in the Cell at a dinner party attended by scientists, philosophers, politicians and other men and women of influence. His visit included a radio debate against theistic evolutionist Keith Fox, which you […]