Intelligent Design

Evolution Professor Sets New Record With 1.5 Hits Per Minute in Debate

Evolution is a fact, but what kind of fact? To answer this question one must listen to the evolutionists. In his recentdebate versus Paul Nelson, Joel Velasco gave a nonstop version of Darwin’s one-long argument that, once again, makes clear what kind of fact evolution is. Velasco gave a rapid-fire rundown of the scientific misrepresentation, logical […]

Genetics News

No universal Transition-Transversion mutation bias

Occasionally evolutionary biology tries to inform chemical theories, but given the shaky foundation of certain evolutionary claims, maybe this isn’t a good idea. Years ago, in a debate, an evolutionist said something to the effect, “Sal you’re clueless, transition mutations happen 10 times more frequently than transversion mutations.” I’m sorry now I took that evolutionist’s […]