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No-one Knows the Mind of God . . . Except the Committed Atheist

Fair warning to the regular readership. Typically I like to cover intelligent design and evolution-related issues, but I trust I may be permitted a bit of a detour.  There have been a couple of interesting posts recently by Sal, vjtorley and Barry about issues of a more philosophical bent.  vjtorley’s OP, in particular, quoted parts […]

Intelligent Design

RNA, the origin of life and the gullibility of the science media

Yesterday, “News” brought readers a fascinating story about a report from Science Daily, titled, Reconstructed ancient ocean reveals secrets about the origin of life (25 April 2014), which was also picked up by Linda Geddes, writing for New Scientist. Reading the Science Daily article, I was struck by the extraordinary naivete of mainstream science reporters […]