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Design recognition is possible in part because of finite human memory and limited human information

Why is it that humans can recognize the designs of other humans even for token objects like a system of 500 fair coins? Why does life resemble designs? Answer: designs frequently conform to simple organizing principles rather than explicit patterns. Simple organizing principles are a way to understand large amounts of data with our finite human minds and limited information. Ironically, the fact that humans have finite memory and limited information is one reason humans tend to think and design in terms of organizing principles, and thus design creation and recognition is possible in part because of finite human memory and limited human information. First, it would be helpful to compare and contrast design detection using organizing principles versus design Read More ›

New at The Best Schools I

Why minimal guidance fails in education“The current situation will probably continue as long as direct instruction is more expensive and less interesting than fads, which is to say forever. But astute consumers of education, especially if they are paying for it, can learn to make wiser investments by heeding these cautionary tales.” Read More ›

New at The Best Schools II

“Good question to ask: Why does the world need to hear from me? The harsh truth is, most career-ending tweets are not valiant stands for truth, but stuff better left unsaid.” Read More ›

It’s time for scientists to come clean with the public about evolution and the origin of life

As we’ve seen, a large percentage of the American public – 47% according to a recent Harris Interactive poll – now believes in Darwin’s theory of evolution. One possible reason for this high percentage is that high school and college students are not told about the problems which call Darwin’s theory into question – as well as theories of evolution which are based on random genetic drift. Still, there are heartening signs that the wall of ignorance supporting the dam of evolutionary orthodoxy is about to collapse. A steady stream of ground-breaking books and peer-reviewed scientific articles authored by scientists who question key assumptions of modern evolutionary theory has been coming out in the last couple of years. It is Read More ›

Forbes Goes Religious With Dennis Venema

Evolution is motivated by strong philosophical and theological premises which overcome the obvious scientific problems and evolutionists never stray too far from their metaphysics. This was demonstrated again this week in John Farrell’s Forbes blog. Farrell interviewed evolution professor Dennis Venema who discussed how the evidence bears on evolution:  Read more

Thomas Nagel: “The intelligentsia was so furious [at him] that it formed a lynch mob”

So: Nagel was assailed. And almost everyone else ran. Because only real thinkers have courage. The rest are just tenurebots soaking students for money they can’t afford to get degrees that won’t help them. Read More ›

Artificial intelligence has sputtered?

Well, if self-knowledge means we think but don’t know what thinking really is or how it is really done, that’s self-knowledge. But if you get a degree in that, make sure there is a job at the other end. Read More ›