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Upside of dinosaur extinction: Life came back to the asteroid’s crater very quickly

Okay, it wasn’t good news for the dinosaur. Still, as earth scientist Scott K. Johnson tells it at Ars Technica, reporting on a find from the Chicxulub Crater hit 66 million years ago: Usually, new studies of the dino-killing mass extinction at the end of the Cretaceous provide another view into just how bloody awful it […]

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James Tour

As I write this post, UD’s all-time most accessed post (here) just passed 368,000 views.  Get to know the man who is the subject of that post in this seven-minute video:   Jewish scientist makes the greatest Jewish discovery!! This is crazy!! Jewish scientist, Professor Tour, has been named among “The 50 Most Influential Scientists […]

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AI pros boycott new Nature AI journal. Why?

From Matthew Hutson at Science: Computer science was born of a rebellious, hacker culture, a spirit that lives on in the publishing culture of artificial intelligence (AI). The burgeoning field is increasingly turning to conference publications and free, open-review websites while shunning traditional outlets—sentiments dramatically expressed in a growing boycott of a high-profile AI journal. […]

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Can acknowledgment of design in nature be a part of science?

Recently, Joshua Gidney linked to a piece by philosopher Robin Collins on why design in nature is not part of science. Really, it’s a misleading question that enables academics to huff and puff casuistries, while ducking the key question, as follows: If the evidence clearly points to design in nature (fine-tuning, irreducible complexity, etc.), must […]

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That panspermia paper at Progress in Biophysics & Molecular Biology generated some heat: Links and analysis

Readers may recall the paper advocating panspermia (life came from outer space) in the journal Progress in Biophysics & Molecular Biology. It has attracted paywalled replies from Keith Baverstock and Karin Moelling, Also a paywalled response from the authors. Because many of our readers can’t afford all that reading material, a friend kindly offers some notes […]

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Study of causes of science skepticism sails right by the most obvious cause

From psychologist Bastiaan T. Rutjens at Aeon: What makes people distrust science? Surprisingly, not politics Moving beyond domain-specific skepticism, what did we observe about a general trust in science, and the willingness to support science more broadly? The results were quite clear: trust in science was by far the lowest among the religious. In particular, […]

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Study: Species are “compact clusters in the vastness of empty sequence space.”

Yesterday, PaV drew our attention to this story from Marlowe Hood at Sweeping gene survey reveals new facets of evolution Here’s another swatch from it, of interest: “another unexpected finding from the study—species have very clear genetic boundaries, and there’s nothing much in between. “If individuals are stars, then species are galaxies,” said Thaler. […]

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Skeptic asks, why do people who abandon religion embrace superstition?

From Denyse O’Leary at MercatorNet: Belief in God is declining and belief in ghosts and witches is rising. … It is a robust, longstanding phenomenon that liberals/progressives (especially millennials), including the “sciencey” ones, show more interest in occult ideas than others do. Is that counterintuitive, as many imply, or are we missing something? Vyse offers […]

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Answering AK: “who determines who is in the right? From my reading of your words, you obviously do not brook the possibility that you may be wrong.”

Where, of course, the very first self-evident, plumbline truth I have stressed is this: error exists. (The crucial diagnostically decisive error of cultural relativism here being exposed by the reference to WHO determines, rather than WHAT defines and determines the truth and the right.) It is one thing when we of UD say that we […]

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Sociologist Steve Fuller’s new book on post-truth in science

Sociologist Steve Fuller, who has written competently about ID, has a new book out. From the publisher: ‘Steve Fuller takes the concept of post-truth to a new level of analysis, explaining the history of “meta” thinking about truth, the institutional structuring of truth through “rules of the game”, and the forms of knowledge that go […]

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Call for papers: Artificial Life and Evolutionary Computation

Deadline: 30 June 2018 Here. — We proudly announce the list of the scientists who have accepted to give a keynote speech at Wivace 2018. Professors Peter M.A. Sloot (University of Amsterdam) Roberto Serra (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia) for the main track Professors Simone Montangero (University of Padua) Fabio Sciarrino (La Sapienza University, […]