Richard Dawkins On His Recent Encounter With John Lennox (Updated)

My friend Peter Byrom kindly transcribed this communication he had with Richard Dawkins on twitter following Dawkins’ recent encounter with John Lennox in New York on the subject of God’s existence. Can you imagine John Lennox having this kind of post-debate attitude? What arrogance. ————- (a few days ago:) Richard Dawkins @RichardDawkins “The Lord hath Read More…

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Registration Is Now Open For 2012 UK Intelligent Design Conference In Malvern, England

Lifted From here. 2012 INTELLIGENT DESIGN CONFERENCE SEPTEMBER 28- 29th Darwin or Design? The question that shakes the very fabric of human existence Elim Conference Centre, Malvern, Worcestershire, UK Sponsored by the Centre for Intelligent Design, Glasgow, UK Why this Conference? It is becoming increasingly apparent that the scientific case for Darwinism as a complete Read More…

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On the Origin of Mitochondria: Reasons for Skepticism on the Endosymbiotic Story

With regret, ENV recently noted the passing of biologist Lynn Margulis. Margulis, a scientist whom I admired greatly, was never a stranger to controversy, going so far as to call neo-Darwinism “a complete funk” and asserting that “The critics, including the creationist critics, are right about their criticism. It’s just that they’ve got nothing to Read More…

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Treasure in the Genetic Goldmine: PZ Myers Fails on “Junk DNA”

Readers may recall my encounter with developmental biology professor PZ Myers earlier this year. In that brief interaction, I came to appreciate Myers’s ability to charm his adoring fans and followers irrespective of the scientific robustness of his claims, or the accuracy with which he represents the views of those with whom he disagrees. Click Read More…

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The Face of a Frog: Time-Lapse Video Reveals Never-Before-Seen Bioelectric Pattern

Jonathan Wells has already drawn our attention to a recent paper by Vandenberg et al. in the journal Developmental Dynamics. The authors make the startling and innovative discovery that bioelectrical signals are essential for the proper formation of the head and face in frog embryos. reports, Click here to continue reading>>>

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An Eye-Opening Discovery: The Remarkable Vision of Anomalocaris

Readers may recall the Illustra Media production Darwin’s Dilemma: The Mystery of the Cambrian Fossil Record. The documentary opens with an animation of the hideous Anomalocaris, undisputed terror of the Cambrian seas. The creature is in the news today thanks to new revelations about its fantastic vision. Sadly, it’s proven to be another tough day Read More…