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Human evolution

Human evolution: The green, dark forests are too silent to be real

From ScienceDaily (August 3, 2011) we learn: “Six Million Years of Savanna: Grasslands, Wooded Grasslands Accompanied Human Evolution”: Scientists have spent a century debating the significance of savanna landscape in human evolution, including the development of upright walking, increased brain size and tool use. Why? Part of the problem has been a fuzzy definition of […]

Origin Of Life

RNA World deflated?

In “Astrobiology: Life’s beginnings” (Nature 476, 30–31, 04 August 2011), origin of life expert Robert Shapiro tells us “that laboratory experiments don’t always translate to nature”: Deamer’s thesis diverges from the standard RNA-world concept. He focuses not on the generation of a naked RNA-like polymer, but on the formation of a simple cell-like compartment, or […]