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Does “recursivity” make us human?

Here, Liz Else (New Scientist, (3 June 2011) tells us, that “recursivity” or “thoughts within thoughts” make us human: Chimps, bonobos and orangutans just don’t tell stories, paint pictures, write music or make films – there are no great ape equivalents of Hamlet or Inception. Similarly, theory of mind is uniquely highly developed in humans: […]

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Look out, ghosts in the machine of evolution: That guy over there has a … a vacuum cleaner!!

Pointing out that there is probably no overwhelmingly dominant way that evolution occurs (like, for example, the natural selection of the biology textbook and the Darwin lobby literature/court cases … ) materialist atheists Fodor and Massimo Piatelli-Palmarini admit that that’s not the solution a Darwin culture is looking for: Perhaps that strikes you as not […]

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Nematode worm found in gold mine sparks new hope for extraterrestrial life

Recently, as John Biello tells it in “High temperature, low oxygen and permanent darkness are no problem for a previously unknown species of nematode,” (Scientific American, June 1, 2011), researchers found a nematode worm that lives more than a kilometre underground in South African gold mines. The species, called Halicephalobus mephisto, is believed to consume […]

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Elephants forget, … when they are lonely

They forget assumed species differences, that is. In “Researchers Solve Mammoth Evolutionary Puzzle: The Woollies Weren’t Picky, Happy to Interbreed” ScienceDaily (May 31, 2011), we learn that DNA studies suggest that the woolly mammoth interbred with a “completely different and much larger” species 12,000 years ago (it went extinct 10,000 years ago). They suggest,

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Why were the Soviets trying to create a human-chimp hybrid?

Here’s an intellectually respectable “Blast from the past” to understand the motives, a (August 23, 2008), “The Soviet ape-man scandal” by New Scientist’s Stephanie Pain: When Ivanov put his proposal to the Academy of Sciences he painted it as the experiment that would prove men had evolved from apes. “If he crossed an ape and […]

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Mars formed “in record time”?

In “Mars ‘remains in embryonic state’”( BBC News, 27 May 2011), Jennifer Carpenter floats an interesting idea about Mars: Mars formed in record time, growing to its present size in a mere three million years, more quickly than scientists previously thought.Its rapid formation could explain why the Red Planet is about one tenth the mass […]

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Sometimes smart people just don’t notice the world around them as closely …

This from Martin Eiermann’s (The European, 30.05.2011) interview with Stewart Brand, author, biologist, and environmental activist from the 1960s onward: Brand: Steven Pinker [materialist cognitive scientist (Harvard)] is currently working on a book about the decline of violence through human history. We like to think that we are living in a very violent time, that […]

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There were land-based life forms a billion years ago …

Here’s David Tyler at Access Research Network (05/31/11), on “Non-marine life throughout the Neoproterozic”: What do these findings mean for our understanding of life on the Precambrian Earth? Dr Charles Wellman, an author of the paper, is quoted by ScienceDaily as saying: “It is generally considered that life originated in the ocean and that the […]

'Junk DNA'

Christian Darwinists talk around the slam-dunk “junk” DNA – Casy Luskin dissects

Whatever your theology, notice the significance of the fact that self-identified Christians were shown to be wrong because they made a prediction against God’s design in nature. It’s one thing to be wrong. It’s another to be wrong for discreditable reasons. Here at Evolution News & Views (June 1, 2011), Casey Luskin reviews Giberson and […]