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Gunter Bechly

Paleontologist Gunter Bechly on what the fossil record actually says

"There are multiple trade secrets among paleontologists. Chief among them is that Darwin's insistence on gradualism was motivated by his understanding that the dramatic jumps found in the fossil record imply intervention. Darwin hoped that time would reveal his desperately needed transitional fossils. It has not... " Read More ›

Douglas Axe vs Joshua Swamidass…

Axe: First and foremost, Swamidass dislikes the “confrontational approach” that he thinks I promote and exemplify, along with other ID proponents. In his words: “Doug Axe in Undeniable and also in the recent Crossway book on theistic evolution talks about how there’s a need to have a confrontational approach to evolutionary science.” Swamidass must be feeling threatened. Read More ›

Günter Bechly’s remarkable journey

Klinghoffer: Bechly stresses that his view is motivated solely by scientific considerations. Yet colleagues at his institution tarred him as a “creationist,” made his work there impossible, and he ultimately resigned. He had thought that free speech still counted for something in Germany, even if it was threatened in the United States. Wikipedia sought to make him a nonperson, too, by erasing his entry. Read More ›

Gunter Bechly vs. Joshua Swamidass at Justin Brierley’s Unbelievable show

Dr Gunter Bechly is a palaeontologist who became convinced that Darwinian evolution cannot explain the fossil record. He debates Intelligent Design with computational biologist Dr Joshua Swamidass who affirms an evolutionary account. Read More ›

From a research paper: “It’s amazing how clear cut the change from ‘no dinosaurs’ to ‘all dinosaurs’ was.”

David Klinghoffer: The paper acknowledges an “explosive increase in dinosaurian abundance.” As Dr. Bechly says, that’s the kind of observation you wouldn’t be surprised at coming from the dreaded “creationists,” and yet it’s a straightforward finding of mainstream paleontology. Watch the rest below, and enjoy. Read More ›

If you get canceled, like paleontologist Gunter Bechly, where do you go?

Klinghoffer: Dr. Bechly recently penned a blockbuster 14-part series debunking Kimberella as a solution to the Cambrian Explosion. In case you missed it, it is a monumental, and morally important, piece of scholarship. The Cambrian event, a massive saltation, remains an unsolvable mystery for Darwinists, with all that implies about the evidence for purpose and design. Read More ›

Gunter Bechly dismisses the Darwinian explain-away of the Cambrian fossil record

Paleontologist Gunter Bechly looks at the claim that the Cambrian animals evolved from a long train of ancestors who somehow all just disappeared without a trace and finds it, well, unconvincing: Read More ›

At upcoming CSS conference: “Does anyone come to Christian faith by a rational process?”

For example, Günter Bechly: “Altogether, I suggest that the cumulative evidence against materialism and for theism is simply overwhelming. I became a Christian theist not in spite of being a scientist but because of it.” Read More ›

What? David Berlinski and Gunter Bechly reply to Jerry Coyne … at Quillette?

It would be fun to discuss the history of life for once without the dead hand of Darwin overruling all. From the looks of things, it may also be possible now. Read More ›