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[Off Topic] Why Scientists Are Opposed to DCA Use

I finally figured it out. It’s because scientists have not officially blessed its use. To take a drug that scientists say you shouldn’t try yet is to commit a horrible transgression against the authority of the scientific clergy. Even when you’re dying of stage 4 cancer and no scientifically sanctified therapies are available you are Read More…

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Antarctic temperatures disagree with climate model predictions

I just love being eventually proven right but vindication usually doesn’t come to me this quickly. As I was trying to tell Mike Dunford, including my now prophetic-appearing conjecture that manmade CFC-caused ozone depletion is a real global warming culprit, unlike the mythical C02 effect… Last year, Bromwich’s research group reported in the journal Science Read More…

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How a young-earth creationist can get a PhD from a secular university

Until today, I’ve been keeping quiet about this developing story about Marcus Ross, a creationist PhD graduate from Rhode Island University. I wanted to protect him from media scrutiny until the news story finally broke. Now that the NY Times has reported it, I may as well publicly extend my congratulations to Marcus Ross. He Read More…

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[Off Topic] Cosmic Rays Blamed for Global Warming

Cosmic rays blamed for global warming The amount of warming predicted by theoretical modeling of CO2 in the atmosphere is several times more than what has actually been measured. This is indicative of deep flaws in the theory or the measurements. Here’s an alternative theory that accounts for the measured amount of warming instead the Read More…

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“Public access equals government censorship”

The big publishers of scientific journals are, not surprisingly, concerned about how open access to information on the internet is cutting into their profits. Apparently they are now hiring PR people to try to keep their market share, and the PR people are counseling that the very concept of open access needs to be undermined. Read More…

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US Leads in ID Belief, Trails in Astrology Belief

I read this Huffington post which notes that the U.S. leads Europe by quite a margin in those who reject orthodox evolution as scientific fact. They go on to an unsupported conclusion that this means the U.S. must be trailing in scientific and engineering accomplishments. Au contraire, mon ami, au contraire!