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Stuart Newman, one of the Third Way evolution scientists, on why COVID-19 is deadly to seniors

Maybe viral “cold case” detective work will become a new specialty. Newman agree that seniors should be avoid public gatherings but doesn’t think mass quarantine of the entire population is the best strategy because it prevents the development of herd immunity. Read More ›

At Justin Brierley’s Unbelievable: The scientific case for Adam and Eve

"He [Swamidass] is joined by atheist biologist Nathan Lents who has given his support to the book, believing that it may help Christians who hold to a traditional understanding of the Adam and Eve story, to also accept evolutionary science. " Read More ›

New layer of complexity of the month: Epitranscriptomics

Layers on layers, systems on systems. Puts one in mind of Darwin’s Warm Little Pond, doesn’t it? Legacy science media should ramp up those Pond graphics. And keep the speculation about random events accidentally producing life coming. Speculate HARDER! Read More ›

Yes, genes from nowhere ARE an “evolutionary problem.”

Glad we are talking about this… No need to believe us (though we did warn you). What's this about “rampant” order in the genome? “Rampant” is a word we associate with disease; it’s not a word we commonly associate with “order.” On the other hand, an order that frustrates the outworkings of Darwinian evolution in favor of an orderly system that produces needed innovations must seem a lot like a disease to some. ;) Read More ›

Key points in plant evolution featured “fundamental genomic novelties”

Researchers: "This approach reveals an unprecedented level of fundamental genomic novelties in two nodes related to the origin of land plants: the first in the origin of streptophytes during the Ediacaran and another in the ancestor of land plants in the Ordovician." Stuck for what to call this, some of us would call it creationism. Read More ›

Ghost worms unchanged in form for 275 million years but show “highly distinct” genetics?

One wants to ask, how distinct ARE the genomes of these species that all look the same? Would it be like mapping a cat’s genome and finding a German Shepherd’s GATTACA in there? What that level of distinction really tells us goes well beyond cats and German Shepherds. Or do the researchers really mean something less highly distinct? What? We search for analogies here. Read More ›

One of the biggest science stories of the last decade: The Descent of Man gets crowdsourced

Those old Descent of Man charts were sometimes fun, showing a bacterium ending up as some poor slob hunched over a workstation. Some sort of moral was always pounded into us by these tales, usually not an uplifting one. But real history is always better and more interesting. Read More ›

So creationism works—but only for genes?

So 2/3 of the time, we have “ de novo emergence from ancestral non-genic sequences, such that homologues genuinely do not exist?” Okay. Somebody better go put their arm around the Selfish Gene. It’s tough being the Last Darwinian. Gene, we did not do this to you. Francis Collins and Craig Venter did this to you. Honest. Read More ›