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In a Darwinian multiverse, Eugene Koonin could be both right and wrong an infinite number of times

In “The origin and early evolution of eukaryotes in the light of phylogenomics” (Genome Biology 2010, 11:209 ) Eugene V Koonin argues for endosymbiosis (organisms ingest other organisms, but the latter remain alive and provide a new function for the whole) to explain eukaryotes (complex cells, not bacteria): Phylogenomics of eukaryote supergroups suggest a highly Read More…

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Martin Rees wins Templeton Prize

A fine tuning and multiverse advocate, Martin J. Rees, today won the 2011 Templeton Prize. The astrophysicist with no religion won the Prize originally “for Progress in Religion.” The 2011 Templeton Prize was announced today. LONDON, APRIL 6 – Martin J. Rees, a theoretical astrophysicist whose profound insights on the cosmos have provoked vital questions Read More…

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The Nature of Nature — sticky

THE NATURE OF NATURE is now finally out and widely available. If you haven’t bought it yet, let me suggest, which is selling it for $17.94, which is an incredible deal for a 7″x10″ 1000-page book with, for most of us, no tax and no shipping charge (it costs over $10 to ship this Read More…


Einstein’s relativity predicts multiple and varied universes?

One group that isn’t going along with John “end of science” Horgan’s “immoral” rap about multiverse theorizing is the Templeton Foundation. A friend sends me this excerpt from a recent newsletter (which I can’t currently find online): Meanwhile, Cambridge University cosmologist and JTF Trustee John D. Barrow has just published the UK version of his Read More…


If you don’t think there are infinitely many universes out there, you are mere Popperazi?

John Horgan, who took it on the ear some years ago for prophesying the end of science, now asks, provocatively I suppose, whether theorizing about alternative universes is immoral: These multiverse theories all share the same fundamental defect: They can be neither confirmed nor falsified. Hence, they don’t deserve to be called scientific, according to Read More…

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Naturalism is a priori evolutionary materialism, so it both begs the question and self-refutes

The thesis expressed in the title of this “opening bat” post is plainly controversial, and doubtless will be hotly contested and/or pointedly ignored. However, when all is said and done, it will be quite evident that it has the merit that it just happens to be both true and well-warranted. So, let us begin. Noted Read More…

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Multiverse: Recent studies suggest that some alternative universes “may not be so inhospitable” – assuming they exist

Well, the supernatural may be “outside the scope of science,” but universes whose existence is not demonstrated, which are imagined principally to get out of a jam with the evidence from this universe, are reasonably doubted, despite thought experiments. The tentative tone here is well justified. It should be used more often.