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Can you afford to be a writer? Well, that depends. Listen…You will probably have to teach.

Why Finnish students perform better than American ones
Only the best students are allowed to enroll in teachers’ college.

Translators, traitors …
What? The translator made Hell dull? It might work spiritually, but it wasn’t the author’s intention.

Literature: Can anyone keep up with the output of publishing today?
“The desire to include a wider variety of authors in the canon of literature intersected with a huge increase in the number of people who were literate enough to write for the canon. But the human attention span has no more changed than has the twenty-four hour day. One must choose.”

Even Nobel Prize winners can face accusations of plagiarism
“Much of the grievance set out requires a knowledge of the field, but it is fair to say that most readers of the letter will not find a coincidence fairy in their local business directory either.”

Why do textbooks cost so much?
“Textbooks should be much cheaper than they used to be, due to electronic formats, but they will never rival crime fiction or romances because most of the labor must be paid. Put another way: Editors and layout artists love their work, but they do not do it only for love.”


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