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Science denial? Weird thoughts from Slate

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From Phil Plait at Slate:

I was wrong. I underestimated just how thoroughly the GOP had salted the Earth. Philosophical party planks of climate change denial, anti-evolution, anti-intellectualism, intolerance, and more have made it such that Trump can literally say almost anything, and it hardly affects his popularity.More.

Izzatso? Trump was the first candidate in modern history to exploit the fact that no one now cares what legacy media, including Slate, think.

When I travel the Toronto-Ottawa rail corridor in Canada, almost everyone is using a handheld to reach whoever or whatever they want anywhere on the planet. That can’t be stuffed back into a bottle.

Trump spent almost nothing on publicity, trusting that the full pack cry against him from soon-to-be-welfare media* would be free advertising. Plait demonstrates that that is true.

This is not about Trump. It is about soon-to-be-welfare media. Media who think the world should revolve around their views. The internet does not work that way.

One key moment for me was watching a full court press of media bimbos and bozos obsessing over where then US prez hopeful Scott Walker (former Wisconsin governor) stood re “evolution.” And he wouldn’t say.

Why should he? Walker made his rep in dogfights with public service unions. Who cares “where he stands” on evolution? Was he making secret plans to “evolve” a better and cheaper public servant?

No? Well then … so?

G’bye, Slate. See you so yesterday.

Maybe a new news cycle will feature more thoughtful approach to science.

See also: When did design in nature stop being a swear word?

* Welfare media? Canada throws nearly a billion dollars a year at the CBC, supposed national broadcaster, that hardly anyone watches except the progressive fan club.

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    Robert Byers says:

    Trump or the democrat it is bad times in america. Just like the Obama time.
    AMEN to the demise of the big media. However news gathering is done by few and so it will become controled whoever does it.

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