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“Evolve faster, Schmiddle. We can’t afford to just hire smarter help.”

Schmiddle's busy day/Phoenix (we think)

At MSNBC (6/16/2011), Jennifer Walsh advises us, “Humans are evolving slower than thought” and that “We probably separated from chimps evolutionarily longer ago than expected.”:

The researchers found that on average, humans seem to have about 60 new mutations passed down every generation — that’s 60 changes out of 6 billion letters, or bases, that make up the genome. Previous methods, which indirectly calculated the rates, overestimated that number to be about 100 to 200, the researchers said.

This means that we are accumulating new genetic mutations — the foundation of evolution — about a third as quickly as previously thought. If this mutation rate has been steady throughout human evolution, it pushes the fork between humans and chimps back 7 million years earlier.

See also: Average child has 60 point mutations

So there was even less time for that ol’ “evolutionarily”?

How does pushing back the date of the split introduce less time for human evolution rather than more time? The point here is that they would need to push back the time. And the question is why? As an aside, isn't the plasticity of evolutionary theory just grand? Mung

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