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At Astronomy Now: MeerKAT paints a mesmerising portrait of the Milky Way

MeerKAT’s radio view of the central regions of the Milky Way, highlighted by glowing red emissions surrounding the galaxy’s central black hole. Image: I. Heywood, SARAO.

New radio-wavelength images of the Milky Way’s galactic core show its exotic beauty and peril. In terms of the galactic habitable zone, life-friendly conditions certainly don’t exist near the core.

Ever wonder what you might see if your eyes were sensitive to radio waves instead of visible light? Then check out the latest images from the 64-antenna MeerKAT radio telescope in South Africa, revealing the heart of the Milky Way as as it appears in radio emissions.

The stunning imagery shows previously known and newly-discovered features, including supernova remnants, huge magnetised radio filaments and the blazing inferno surrounding the 4-million-solar-mass black hole at the core of the galaxy.

The imagery is based on detailed analysis of a survey carried out during the telescope’s commissioning, resulting in a mosaic of 20 observations captured during 200 hours of telescope time. The result is a 100-megapixel mosaic with a resolution of 4 arc seconds.

Sagittarius A*, the 4-million-solar-mass black hole at the core of the Milky Way shows up as a blaze of surrounding radio emissions, along with huge magnetised radio filaments in cirrus-like arcs. Image: I. Heywood, SARAO.

The images reveal never-before-seen supernova remnants, including a rare, almost perfectly spherical example, along with numerous stellar nurseries, cirrus-like emissions made up of many parallel radio filaments and a mesmerising view of “the mouse,” a runaway pulsar possibly ejected in a supernova blast.

At the heart of the mosaic is the supermassive black hole at the core of the Milky Way, shining like a giant red eye embedded in a vast cloud of less powerful emissions.

Astronomy Now
What's interesting about the unusual shapes of the filaments is how unexpected that they are. Imagining a perfectly symmetrical beginning of the universe, we can understand a chaotic granularity, but not so much the massive structures. in such an environment, one might think it originated either as . . . a. Homogeneous and geometrically symmetrical (i.e. a point), but had enough time to "clump" at a far more massive scale than we imagine. A visual analogy might be looking at a sandy beach, but then focusing on the asymmetry of several adjacent grains of sand. b. Highly structured, geometrically asymmetrical, and didn't have enough time to homogenize. The visual analogy might be the "clumped" aftermath of a direct hit on a Ukrainian school by a Russian heavy artillery shell. It seems like the evidence slightly favors b. -Q Querius
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