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Boy can see without primary visual cortex of brain


From Alice Klein at NewScientist:

An Australian boy missing the visual processing centre of his brain has baffled doctors by seeming to have near-normal sight.

However, BI has remarkably well-preserved vision, says Iñaki-Carril Mundiñano at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. “You wouldn’t think he is blind,” he says. “He navigates his way around without any problems and plays soccer and video games,” (paywall) More.

But then, as per David Robson at BBC, there’s also blindsight,

Clearly, despite his blindness, Daniel’s healthy eyes were still watching the world and passing the information to his unconscious, which was guiding his behaviour. Publishing a report in 1974, Weiskrantz coined the term “blindsight” to describe this fractured conscious state. “Some were sceptical, of course, but it has held its own and become an accepted phenomenon,” Weiskrantz says today. And over the following decades, the condition has come to answer some fundamental questions about the human mind. More.

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Nature, as defined today, cannot be all there is. Science demonstrates that.

It is pretty easy to imagine why they could "see" if one understands how entangled photons "communicate"... if the process of vision is somehow connected to the consciousness, as it should be, then it should be easy to explain... People with amputated limbs feel as if the limbs are still there... How could it be if the nervous system was cut off along with the limbs? J-Mac
here's an interesting report on a most sophisticated information system that we still don't comprehend well enough [to put it nicely]: https://consumer.healthday.com/disabilities-information-11/amputation-news-720/boy-s-double-hand-transplant-changed-his-brain-729122.html control systems engineers and computer scientists would be in awe at the sight of such a fascinating system, thinking they are just dreaming. but someone out there would assure them that all that is the product of RV+NS+...+T+...? Dionisio
Maybe a state of catatonia is the ideal for the pursuit of science. The new paradigm. Axel

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