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Darwin in the schools: The history you don’t hear …

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The Political Gene: How Darwin's Ideas Changed Politics

In “A Wall Between Science & State?” (New Oxford Review, March 2012), Anne Barbeau Gardiner, reviewing Dennis Sewell’s The Political Gene: How Darwin’s Ideas Changed Politics, recounts,

In 1906 a Congolese pygmy named Ota Benga was put on display in the Bronx Zoo in a cage with an orangutan. Ota’s family and tribe had been wiped out, and a “keen Darwinist” from South Carolina had purchased him and exhibited him at the World’s Fair two years earlier.

When Ota was shown at the Bronx Zoo, Rev. J.H. Gordon, a black Baptist minister, complained to the mayor about “this exhibition of one of our race with the monkeys.” The New York Times printed a reply from the Darwinist camp the next day, September 12, 1906: “The reverend colored brother should be told that evolution, in one form or another, is now taught in the textbooks of all the schools, and that it is no more debatable than the multiplication table.”

It all gives us a whole new level of respect for William Jennings Bryan …

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Its terrible indeed. its malicious from the rag because its just a black guy. Imagine !! Evolution is no more debated then simple math? Yet today evolution teaches that the old Darwinian ideas were replaced by better modern ideas. Then they teach evolution today is about genetics and this and that not about the evidence of 1990!! Wait a minute. If evolution was thought settled by the accumulated evidence in 1900, and a newspaper said so and hoped so, and yet this was wrong THEN is it a option that evolutionist claims of new and improved evidence, beyond questing, of today could ALSO be wrong? Just wondering? I am presuming here modern evolutionist don't believe in African closerness to apes or least don't believe in circus shows about it. It did take a Reverend to complain. Robert Byers

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