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Ethan Siegel: Failure to replicate a dark matter experiment is “an incredible success” for the scientific method

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That’s the outlier DAMA/LIBRA experiment:

For decades, now, scientists have been searching valiantly for the elusive particle that might make up some or even all of the dark matter. While the astrophysical evidence supporting the existence of dark matter is overwhelming, every experiment designed and built to directly detect whatever particle might be responsible for dark matter has come up empty.

Every experiment, that is, except one: the DAMA/LIBRA experiment. While other experiments that are far more sensitive — including SuperCDMS, XENON, Edelweiss, LUX, and many others — have only detected negative results down to extreme precisions, DAMA/LIBRA has continuously observed a significant signal for about 20 years. At last, the critical test has been performed: a completely independent team, ANAIS, has carried out an identical experiment to DAMA/LIBRA, replicating the study and testing its validity. With three complete years of data collected, ANAIS has ruled out the DAMA/LIBRA results in a model-independent way to better than 99% confidence. The world’s most controversial dark matter experiment has been busted, and it’s an incredible success for the scientific method.

Ethan Siegel, “Goodbye, DAMA/LIBRA: World’s Most Controversial Dark Matter Experiment Fails Replication Test” at Forbes

Siegel offers an inside look at the details. While the finding is doubtless a success for the scientific method, it must be frustrating for those physicists who need dark matter to exist in order to make cosmology understandable — but can’t find any.

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