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Evolutionary Religious Studies has made “rapid progress”?

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From David Sloan Wilson at This View of Life: Anything and Everything from an Evolutionary Perspective:

ERS [Evolutionary Religious Studies] has made rapid progress during the last 20 years, in part by organizing the vast amount of empirical information on religion that has accumulated, much as Darwin was able to organize the vast amount of information on plants and animals during his day. More.

It has made rapid progress if churning out a vast amount of idle naturalist speculation is progress.

But remember, many of these people, deep down in their hearts, really do believe in that stuff.

It would be easier to feel sympathy for them if it were not so ridiculous.

See also: “The evolutionary psychologist knows why you vote — and shop, and tip at restaurants”

If naturalism can explain religion, why does it get so many basic facts wrong?

Evolutionary conundrum: is religion a useful, useless, or harmful adaptation?


Imagine a world of religions that naturalism might indeed be able to explain


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