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Fundamentalists Beat Up Mr. Anti-ID, Paul Mirecki

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. . . What did they say, exactly? I guess it was something like, “This mild assault is payback for your famously controversial opinions against us fundamentalist Christians, Mirecki. Don’t let us catch you south of Lawrence again.” Or maybe not. But I am forced to guess, because Mirecki won’t tell what the men said to him. . . .


Just an FYI, another Intelligent Design advocate is running for a seat on the Kansas Board of Education. I believe most of the board are ID supporters and this will help solidify that support. Read more here: http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2005/dec/09/creationist_plans_run_education_board/?evolution Mr Christopher
Isn't it interesting that even if he was assaulted there is no evidence at all for the motivation. From everything the guy has said he sounds like a jerk who would likely tick of just about everybody he meets anyway. If he got beaten up, it likely has nothing to do with the drivel he carries on with. jwrennie
Mirecki certainly could have used a bit of intelligent design in crafting his story of the alleged attack. So insulated by academia was he -- where so many mindlessly salute whenever 'hate crime' is run up the flagpole -- he does not appear to have given any thought to the fact law enforcement would actually investigate and expect to have facts. Political slurs or multicultural code-speak won't cut it with these guys. Alas, poor Dr. Mirecki is the white rat in the detectives' experiment and if his position is shown to be falsifiable, he will be charged with filing a false crme report. Ain't science grand? Jack Golan
I say that what happened to Mirecki, happened by "design"! But, of course, I believe in "myths". PaV
whoops, I meant 'condemNed' not 'condemMed' Sorry, next time I promise spell check. atriversend
maybe its not a shabby attempt, but especially if it is, i feel bad for the guy. if he was really beat up, those people should be condemmed. if he wasn't perhaps he deserves being the source of ridicule and telling a whopper of a lie, but i can think of a lot of stupid things i've done and yet escaped my just dessert (read: hell). kyrie eleison. at any rate, this is a good opportunity to remind ourselves that the ID-Darwin debate should be over the ideas and the science, not over the people (he's a dirty pagan, i'm a stupid sumbitch, &c.). If only it could be an honest debate over the ideas and the science, how quickly ID's legitimate criticisms would win the day. atriversend
Of course this is nothing more than another shabby attempt by the evolutionists and atheists to gain sympathy with the public. CharlesW
Hey! Several of us were ahead of the curve here Yesterday! (Comments on the Hicks video, culture war thread) ..... Red Reader wrote: However, I am skeptical. At this point, there appears to be only one witness, Dr. Mirecki. Reports of his account of the incident in my opinion are vague and caricature-ridden. “Two white men in a big pickup.” No rationale was offered as to why he stopped or got out of his vehicle in what already was reportedly a dangerous tail-gating situation. No injuries visible or otherwise were reported. “Treated and released” can mean “they checked him and he was fine.” Comment by Red Reader — December 6, 2005 @ 7:35 pm ..... And I wasn't the only one. Jack G. noted the story didn't pass the smell test. Josh B. noted the quote had already morphed in the blogospere to an attack by "fundamentalists". Red Reader
I'm not going to jump to conclusions, but it makes ya wonder, doesn't it? crandaddy

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