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ID conference intended for Portugal had to flee to Spain


From Paul Nelson at Evolution News & Views:

A group of students at the University of the Algarve, in Faro, Portugal, wanted to have a one-day conference on ID at the university. They invited Professor Marcos Eberlin of Campinas State University in Brazil (the 2016 Thomson Medal winner) and me, to speak. The conference was scheduled for Monday, October 23, with university endorsement.

Then, as soon as the conference was advertised, outside pressure began to stop it. On September 22, we received word that the event had been cancelled by the university. Score this as Cancellation Number One. …

So they ended up, after a second Portuguese cancellation, at a hotel in Spain.

I am so proud of the students who climbed into a bus in Faro on Saturday morning, drove to Porto to pick up some friends, then on to León — and then went back again on the same night of the conference. That is an almost 2000-kilometer round trip. More.

Good for young folk to learn early: In a Darwinian setting, academics prove their worth by shutting down discussions of the shortcomings of the system. The academics don’t need to achieve much because they can piffle to each other for decades as long as they all agree to protect the racket.

The main thing is to somehow get the degree without ever becoming like them.

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