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People’s Choice Awards: Our most read stories July 2013

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(Top three in January (here), February here), March here), April (here), May (here), June here.)

1. Sal Cordova: In a meaningless world, does truth always have value over delusion?: [766 comments]

I recall Dawkins in a debate with Lennox was asked about how humans can live their lives in a meaningless world. Dawkins said, “we create our own meaning”. Other atheists have repeated that statement such KeithS:

Life is full of meaning even without God. We create our own meanings, whether you realize it or not.

Holy Rollers, Pascal’s wager; Comment 59

to which I responded:

[the phrase] “we create our own meaning” is pretty much to me “we concoct our own unproven falsehoods to make us feel better”.

this whole “we create our own meaning” is worse than the religious ideas you are criticizing. You “know” there is no meaning, but you’ll pretend there is anyway. Reminds me of Coyne who “knows” there is no free will but he’ll pretend there is anyway.

And that is what continues to puzzle me about the atheistic variety of Darwinists (not Christian Darwinists). They seem to find much purpose in life in proving life has no purpose!


2. News: Information created accidentally, without design: (387 comments later, this apparently wasn’t just the coffee joke it started out as.)

Darwinism can explain it all quite easily. Natural selection acted on random mutation causing certain trees to die. End of story.


3. News: Contest: If humans originated as a chimp-pig hybrid (recent claim) … what should we call our earliest  piggychimp ancestor?

Incidentally, how things change: Back in 2009, a claim that the astonishing life cycle of the butterfly (egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, adult) arose through hybridization (the caterpillar is seen as a sort of giant egg) caused Scientific American to dub the National Academy of Science’s publication, PNAS, “The National Enquirer” of the sciences. Yes, caterpillars. But well, they’re caterpillars. But now this?

Quite honestly, some of us were convinced that any given moment, the piggychimpman was going to be revealed as a Sokal on the pop science media. = If they fall for this … And behold, they did.

But crazier still, they’re justifiably blush-free. He wasn’t a hoax. Things have got to the point where piggychimpman is seriously entertained. Bet it gets better from here, or anyway more entertaining. Also: Judged. Just so you know what you should actually call him.

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