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O’Leary for News’s night job, on the impact of new media:

Old media doesn’t get new media. It is called the internet, not the innernet for a reason.

Serious argument: The right to marry a robot This is an argument for the right to marry something that is not human and not a self. Forcing others to recognize one’s machine as a spouse would be a social triumph, of sorts.

Had to happen. Internet addiction treatment centre
Most of what we see on the internet has a better chance of being false than what we see on our street.

Tweet this!: Twitter’s value is way down Facebook, perhaps more human, is doing very well indeed.

E-mail spam filters force Nigerian prince to abdicate?
Obvious bandwidth wastes decline, replaced by much more sophisticated malware, spyware, focusing on social media.

Legacy media do the Planned Parenthood kowtow
Independent new media broke that scandal. Will they be allowed to continue to operate?

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