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History of science: Giordano Bruno (1548-1600) – martyr to the multiverse?

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Because his name came up here:

Sean M. Carroll, a noted cosmologist, in his first column for Discovery Magazine called Welcome to the Multiverse writes that the progress in cosmology has forced cosmologists “kicking and screaming” to accept the Multiverse, the same theory that caused Giordano Bruno to be burned at the stake in Rome in 1600.

Was Bruno burned at the stake for his multiverse views?

According to the Galileo Project, maybe not: He was a Dominican monk with a passion for controversy.

Bruno defended the heliocentric theory of Copernicus . It appears that he did not understand astronomy very well, for his theory is confused on several points. In De l’Infinito , Universo e Mondi, he argued that the universe was infinite, that it contained an infinite number of worlds, and that these are all inhabited by intelligent beings.

Bruno had a habit of outraging patrons, which probably meant that he received little protection from the Inquisition.

It is often maintained that Bruno was executed because of his Copernicanism and his belief in the infinity of inhabited worlds. In fact, we do not know the exact grounds on which he was declared a heretic because his file is missing from the records.

Hmm. Smokin.’ But smokin’ what?

Still, in case anyone wondered,

Scientists such as Galileo and Johannes Kepler were not sympathetic to Bruno in their writings.

Bruno would need heavy airbrushing to be a multiverse PR dream.


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