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Initial thoughts, here.

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Yep. Correction: Wales were pro Brexit. England massively so. Northern Irl were split. Scotland and London pro-EU, still millions against. Splatter
I didn't know about this until Thursday. I pay no heed to news. Hooray. Free at last from the tyranny. Close but incude those who didn't vote. Thats a vote for the winner. Oh brother. It shows the absurdity of the market. Nothing changed but they fear and poof down it goes. Proof the market reflects only opinion of the economy and not reality. The reason to leave was a higher court would trump the peoples will or own courts. So like gay marriage would be imposed by europe despite British opinion which hopefully will turn against gay marriage and homesexual issues. Many issues likewise. Britain/s moral opinions must be separate from other nations. I,,immigration problems being fixed, by prohibition, might be frustrated by EU control. EU pushed for attacking Syria, on behalf of israel etc, and this is case in point for separation for a better moral foreign policy. I understand Scotland, Ireland, Wales, London all voted for uE. So showing the foreign influence. True Englishman opposed the EU. Funny if Scottish pro-independence voters voted for EU. An absurity but you know Scotland. now down with the Chunnel! Just kidding! Robert Byers

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