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Kirk Durston: Cosmologist Sean Carroll simply asserts “a conclusion with no supporting argument”


Further to the Sean Carroll–William Lane Craig debate, “The existence of God in contemporary cosmology,” Kirk Durston, whose background is in biophysics, addresses Carroll’s objection that there cannot be a final cause outside nature, an objection which Durston says he often encounters:

In reflecting upon this, three things come to mind.

First: His naturalistic belief that the universe/multiverse is the sum total of reality, a priori rules out any possibility of a cause for physical reality by definition. This is always a risky thing to do and amounts to simply asserting a conclusion with no supporting argument. In a subsequent post, I will argue that there is rational justification for the belief that there is more to reality than nature.

Second:He states that, if we have a complete model that describes physical reality then ‘we have no right to demand more’. Would not rational inquiry be sufficient to justify at least asking why physical reality exists? Defining the universe as ‘all that exists’ seems to be a rational inquiry stopper. More.

(More background here.)

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I have written about Carroll's view of reality previously at: http://ayearningforpublius.wordpress.com/2012/09/10/atheism/ Atheism is much like locking yourself in a cave with no windows, but a door. Inside the cave there is a strong and long standing taboo about that door: Do not go near that door! Do not open that door, even just a crack! The type of science that an atheist (mis)uses searches in all of the corners of the cave looking for God (or god if you prefer) and not finding him concludes that there is no such thing since he/it/them since he/it/them can’t be found in the cave. Most often I suspect, this searching for God in the cave is an obligatory search offering up the "see I told you so" forgone conclusion. Then one day a brave soul decides to open the door to see what is outside. Outside of the cave he finds many wonderful, mysterious and interesting things, and then proceeds to seek and discover more about them and who might have created these things. He seeks answers more fully in ways spiritual (i.e. the Bible), in reflective thought and by science in examining the created things he has discovered outside of the cave. Since God exists beyond time and space, He will never be discovered or proved using scientific methods. Dare to open the door and see what lies beyond; you may be amazed at what you find. ayearningforpublius

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