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Understanding of dark matter muddier due to new findings?

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Hubble image captures what dark matter is supposed to be.

From Charles Q. Choi at Inside Science News:

Now researchers examining 153 galaxies find that by looking solely at where stars and gases in those galaxies are located, they could precisely predict the anomalous ways in which they moved. This may hint that dark matter is more strongly coupled to normal matter than currently thought. It could also indicate that dark matter does not exist and that another explanation is needed for the discrepancies that dark matter models were invoked to solve, said study lead author Stacy McGaugh, an astrophysicist and chair of astronomy at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.

Previous analyses of the orbital velocities of the stars in galaxies often depended on visible wavelengths of light. However, the stars that produce the most visible light are relatively short-lived and prone to fluctuations, and so may not provide the best picture of how matter is scattered overall throughout a galaxy.More.

See also: Dark matter theory “running out of room to hide”? Nature: As the search to identify [dark matter] is now in its fourth decade, things are starting to get a little desperate.


Dark matter: Skeptics wanted

(It’s a good thing no one is going to starve over this. )

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Apparently Biology has some 'dark matter' issues to deal with too: https://uncommondesc.wpengine.com/intelligent-design/mystery-at-the-heart-of-life/#comment-618500 Dionisio
So why isn't dark matter disrupting the orbits within our solar system? The last time I checked, the visible matter in our solar system moves, within observational error, as General Relativity predicts, with no need to postulate other materia. EvilSnack
It isn't exactly new, Stacy McGaugh has been saying this for a while now. Galaxies rotate faster than the gravity from dust, gas and stars can hold them in. But models that put in viscous dark matter have all the invisible stuff ending up in the middle of the galaxy, which is not where Stacy finds it (by doing careful mapping of doppler velocities versus integrated mass of galaxy.) His solution is to modify Newtonian Gravity at very low angular velocities. No theoretical justification, just an observational data point. The reason this complicates Dark Matter is that (a) it gets rid of the matter, and (b) this messes with cosmology: Big Bang Nucleosynthesis models, flat universe, etc. Unfortunately MOND has also been disproven in dwarf galaxies, so we need modified MOND, or MOMOND. That's the trouble with ad hoc models, they keep accreting more ad hoc assumptions. Does Electric Universe solve the problem? Nope. It's another ad hoc model with unspecified plasma properties to account for anything anomalous. It also does away with the Big Bang. All this is a high price to pay for a bit of anomalous galaxy rotation. On the other hand, the Lambda-CDM cosmology model, aka "standard model" is getting pretty creaky with lots of ad hoc patches. Its a footrace to see whether Dark Matter+LambdaCDM, MOND, or electric universe ends up with the most ad hoc assumptions. Not to add to the chaos, but I've been working on a solution involving lots and lots of comets. They possess the right properties to explain DM. They modify the Big Bang to make it less ad hoc (removing the need for inflation). They seed galaxies to eliminate the need for dark energy (and extinguish Type Ia SN light curves). They transport life to explain Evolution. And they occasionally land on Earth so we can figure out how they do all these remarkable things. Its an physicists dream--a theory with experimental confirmation. Robert Sheldon
I believe you will find the answers to dark matter, dark energy and other invoked solutions in the main stream models of the universe can be found in the ELECTRIC UNIVERSE. https://www.thunderbolts.info/wp/ https://www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2015/10/22/does-dark-matter-actually-exist-space-news/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AUA7XS0TvA Rick Rhyno
It could also indicate that dark matter does not exist and that another explanation is needed for the discrepancies that dark matter models were invoked to solve, said study lead author Stacy McGaugh
What implications does this have for other things scientists have INVOKED TO SOLVE DISCREPANCIES in the Big Bang model? Hyper-inflation, dark energy, dark radiation, etc. Or better yet, what implications does this have for the Standard Model itself? Is it possible to falsify the standard model? I doubt it. They will just keep on dreaming up new things to invoke to save it from falsification. tjguy

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